Crossrail Compliant

The Crossrail project is currently Europe’s largest construction project. With an increased number of HGV’s travelling on London’s roads to deliver plant and machinery to sites, it has become increasingly important to ensure that HGV’s are all equipped with safety devices, such as reversing cameras, blind spot sensors and warning signs for cyclists.

All our vehicles have been fitted with safety equipment to the standard set by Crossrail and Transport for London enabling us to deliver to all Crossrail sites.

All our drivers have completed the TfL Driver CPC Safer Urban Driving module as well as the Crossrail Lorry Driver Training and carry valid Crossrail ID cards.

See our training page for more information. All our drivers have been issued a copy of the Crossrail Driver Information pack.

We subscribe to the London Lorry Control scheme and use their route planning tool to minimise the impact of delivering large plant and machinery to and collecting from Crossrail sites.

Link to Crossrail Lorry & Cycle Safety

Link to Crossrail Driver Training

Read the Crossrail Driver Information Pack


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