Abnormal Loads

For specialist or difficult moves, we provide a complete movement service by visiting the site to reviewing the plant, machinery or access and provide a plan for a successful move.

An 'abnormal load' is a vehicle that has any of the following:

With the current focus on bigger and better machinery, there is a need for the transport industry to provide suitable vehicles to move this equipment from site to site.

We have that capacity, as our traction units are rated at 60 tons and 80 tons gross.

In addition to the carrying capacity of our fleet we have robust procedures are in place to ensure that all abnormal load moves are moved in accordance with the Highways Agency, police authority and local council restrictions and regulations. We also offer a full planning, routing and escort service as part of our abnormal load movement process.

We have adopted the use of the Highways Agencies tool, ESDAL2 that handles and simplifies the process of notifying abnormal load movements to the necessary authorities.

Customers are reminded that all requests for the movement of abnormal loads requires at least 2 full working day's notice to the appropriate authorities.

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